North American International Livestock Exposition

Superintendent: Robert Williams Phd

Judge: tba

Entries Close November 1st, 2019


Tuesday November 19th

Arrival: 8am - 4pm

Scanning: 10am until done 

Wednesday November 20th

Wagyu Show: Starts at 8am in Ring 2 in Broadbend Arena

Thursday November 21th

Wagyu Release: Begins at 8am


  1. Entry form and fee will be completed online through the website. Entry fees $40.00 per entry. $20.00 Image scan. All fees payable through website

  2. Jackpot Steer Contest entry fee $50.00

  3. All animals must be registered in the American Wagyu Association herd book and recorded in the name of the exhibitor 30 days prior to the NAILE registration deadline unless entered in the Steer Competition. Exhibitors must have a registration certificate for each animal available for inspection at the show. There will be Six breeding group class shows: Fullblood Black, Fullblood Red, Fullblood Red Black, Purebred Wagyu and Percentage Female Wagyu and a Jackpot Steer Class. Breeding group glasses will not compete with each other. There will be 3 divisions of Jr. Showmanship. Junior (ages 8-12) Intermediate (13-15) Senior (16- 18)

  4. Cattle must be entered under the recorded ownership at the time of the show entry deadline. Jointly owned animals must be entered under the multi- ownership (a] co-owners) in the individual classes.

  5. All animals must be properly tattooed and will be inspected at the show. Tattoo must be legible and must match registration papers. Any animal, upon check-in, which does not have a legible permanent identification mark (ear tattoo marks, freeze-branded marks or hot-branded marks) corresponding to the permanent identification on the registration certificate, is ineligible to show. Once disqualified due to an incorrect or illegible permanent identification mark, animals cannot be retattooed and rechecked at the show.

  6. Altering the conformation and/or appearance of an animal for exhibition is prohibited. This includes the covering of white skin, false tail heads (or use of any false hair). The use of graphite, powders, paint, hemp or other similar substances used externally are also prohibited. Animals may not be dyed on the show grounds. Other prohibited products include illegal or unlicensed pharmaceuticals or artificial filling. Any animal found to be in violation will be barred from showing.

  7. Winning animals in all divisions may be subject to DNA Parentage Verification (sire and dam only). If the Parentage cannot be verified by the lab, the exhibitor will not be awarded the prize money and the animal will forfeit its winning position.

  8. All cattle must meet the health requirements set out by the NAILE Show Management. Any deviation will be just cause for immediate disqualification from the show.

  9. All bulls above one year of age must show with nose lead. The right to disqualify from the show any animal deemed unmanageable is reserved by the show committee.

  10. All females shown in the cow/calf classes must be shown with a calf at side.

  11. Calf at side in the cow/calf classes must be her last natural born calf (not an embryo calf born to another recipient).

  12. Any person found guilty of misrepresentation of any kind, including age of animal or not abiding by the show rules, will be disqualified and denied the privilege of showing.

  13. The registered owner/exhibitor must be a member in good standing with the Association.

  14. Judges will have no previews of competing cattle or meetings with show exhibitors prior to the show. This is to maintain impartiality for all competitors and judges. Violations of the rule will result in disqualification of Judge, competitors and animal.

  15. If for any reason an exhibitor or their animal is disqualified, their placing/winnings will go to the exhibitor that placed next behind them.

  16. There will be a Jr. Showmanship Division. Unlike the confirmation show it is the handlers that are judged. Points will be awarded for the youth handlers’ ability to display an “animal to its greatest advantage.” Jr. Showmanship class’s will have the following divisions: Junior (8-12) Intermediate Showmanship (13-15) and Senior Showmanship (16-18).

  17. ALL EXIBITORS must be stalled in the area designated for Wagyu Cattle. If an animal is not stalled in the Wagyu designated area they will be charged a $50. Recovery fee per animal. This amount will be invoiced to the exhibitor.

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